President’s Newsletter

May 2021


A Message from the HOA President’s Desk:

It has been one long year with all of us doing our part to get through this pandemic and I’m
happy to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. Welcome back to all the snowbirds and
happy spring to everyone. The weather is finally cooperating.

As you make your way through our community you will notice the Landscape Committee,
headed by Bob Gerace, along with his lovely wife Trish, Paula Sherwood, Kathy Walsh, and
Mary Dugan. All have been hard at work this week beautifying several corners of the
community and planting flowers and shrubs amongst the areas with the park benches. On that
note, a BIG thank you to Will and Carol Ruby for painting the benches and making them look
great! The committee will also be planting flowers around the Speed Limit signs on Creek Ridge.

In addition, the board has authorized Kenrick to put out bids for the roofing project with all bids
due back by June 1st. Once the board has had a chance to review those bids, we will determine
a start date and notify the community. You may have noticed several contractors around the
property taking photos and measuring the gutters. No doubt this will be a topic covered at the
annual meeting on June 17 to be held at Monroe Golf Club. More information to follow on that
subject in the next coming weeks.

Also, this summer, the driveways and roads are slated to be seal coated. We are waiting for
some final bids to come in and then a decision will be made as to the start of that project.

Greenlight is moving along with their plans to install their service and as we move along with
them, we will keep homeowners in the loop as to a start date.

And finally, we currently have bids out for a study on the 25 year Long Range Plan.

Warmest Regards,
Tom Shay