President’s Newsletter

Winter 2020-21

From the President’s Desk:

I hope this letter finds everyone healthy and safe. This winter started off mild, but you wouldn’t know it by the looks for the last
several weeks. Cold temps and snow flying have caused many folks to experience ice damming and water leaks.
The roofing committee, led by Joyce Haag, is working diligently on establishing a set of specs for the roof project which may begin sooner
than originally planned. The board will keep you posted on any changes to a start date. We’ve had a fair share of issues with ice damming this
winter, with more than the usual calls for service, some of them rather serious.

At the most recent board meeting, conducted on zoom, we had the opportunity to discuss our Wood Creek Insurance coverage with
Bonnie Gionta and John Bennett from our insurance carrier, USI. It’s always an interesting topic for discussion. Eileen Broderick, our
property manager from Kenrick First, sent out some helpful information following that discussion. Please take the time to review that material.

Eileen and I had a meeting on the property with our snowplow contractor, Magic Seal. The piles of snow are getting rather high and
hopefully, we will get some mild temperatures to melt some of it away. Punxsutawney Phil said there would be another six weeks of this stuff;
let’s hope he is wrong. Funny thing, he never seems to get old!

Bob Gerace has undertaken the leadership role in the newly resurrected Landscaping Committee, with quite a few neighbors
jumping on board to assist. They have some great plans for sprucing up the neighborhood in the spring.

The nominating committee, led by Mike McCardle, is working hard to identify potential candidates for the upcoming elections at the
annual June meeting. If you are interested in contributing to the community by sitting on the board, please get in touch with Mike.
Many hands make for light work as they say.

And finally, many of us have had some frustrating times getting on a website to make the appointment for the Covid vaccine. Maureen
and I travelled to Syracuse to the Fairgrounds to get ours. Took me over two hours to get online and get the appointment. If you haven’t done
so yet, or if you don’t have the technology to do, so please let someone on the board know so that we can assist in any way possible. “Am I
eligible” is the website to check for location of vaccine availability and to make an appointment.

The board continues to work hard on many topics and issues, and I would be remise if I didn’t take the time to thank each and every one
of them for their tireless efforts in making this a great community to live in.

Please be safe and stay healthy, continue to social distance, wash your hands often and together we will get through this pandemic.

With my warmest regards,
Tom Shay