President’s Newsletter

Summer 2020


From the President’s Desk:


Hello fellow neighbors and friends I hope everyone is well and out of harm’s way with the COVID-19 virus. And I’m certain everyone is practicing social distancing. I keep finding myself asking “what has the world come to these days”.  Not sure there is a clear answer. In either, case continue to social distance and stay safe.

The board has been quite busy to say the least over the last several months. As the 3 year contract with Crofton Property Management expires on June 30th the board has been working very diligently for the past few months in requesting bids for property management. We had sent out 5 bid requests and got back 4 bids with one property manager not interested in bidding. After careful review and having had conversation with some of them we narrowed it down to two finalists.

In the end, the board felt unanimously, that the community would be better served utilizing the services of Kenrick Corporation. Our liaison within that group will be Eileen Broderick. She holds some highly respected credentials within the property management industry. And the company is recognized as a leader in its field.

Kenrick will be sending out a welcome package within the next two weeks. In it there will be instructions as to how to set up the ACH for the monthly HOA fee which as of July 1st will be $360. per month. There will also be important information as to their website and other valuable information.

In the meantime, all service requests continue to go to Crofton till June 30th.

In addition to all this going on amid the lockdown from the Coronavirus

(meetings were held via ZOOM) we were busy securing the contract with Bartlett Tree to begin to remove 11 identified Linden Trees and several courtyard trees that have become overgrown from the standpoint of their root base and infringement on the roofs of townhouses.  Bartlett will begin the stump grinding the week of June 8th and we will than proceed to repair the lawns with topsoil and grass seed.

The roads have been marked as to where there needs to be repairs due to the winter weather and we are awaiting a start date for that.

As one can plainly see the board has been busy at work to make it a better place for everyone. I cannot say enough good things about the board members. They make the job easy and we should all be thankful for what they contribute to this community.

We do plan on holding an annual meeting once we find that facilities are open again. At that time, we will hold elections for board member positions. Crofton sent out earlier this week the approved Budget for the next fiscal year which was approved by the Board at its last monthly meeting of May 21st. you should have all received a copy. A BIG thank you to Howard Cone, who serves as treasurer with assistance from Chuck Minster, co-treasurer for his supreme efforts in working his magic on the budget.

It goes without saying the board has very been busy.

I would be remise if I didn’t thank Crofton Property Managers and Christine Sears for their work on our behalf.

But we as a board are looking forward to our new relationship with Kenrick Corporation and a bright future for this entire community.

With hope and perseverance for the future,

Tom Shay
President of Woodcreek HOA