President’s Newsletter

August 2023

A message from the Desk of the HOA President….

I am just beginning as President and already see what an outstanding community we
have here at Wood Creek. I look at everything now from a different lens. Our common
areas are beautiful and well maintained with the help of many members of the
community. As the hot weather continues, please remember to water your lawns,
shrubs and flowers as needed.

The Board continues to assess what we need to do to maintain our exteriors,
landscaping, roadways, and infrastructure. We will continue to keep you informed
about our progress through our Community Updates, website, and Board minutes.

Summer in Pittsford is a wonderful thing. We are fortunate that our community is
located near the village, canal, and restaurants all within walking distance. I wish you
all a happy summer and fall.

See you around the neighborhood,
Terry Quinn