“Wood Creek is a Desirable and Welcoming
Residential Community of Townhomes
Located in Pittsford, NY”

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Board Meetings are scheduled on the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm at the Spiegel Center, Room 207 unless otherwise specified.
Due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, Board meetings will be held virtually for now.
If you have a question or comment, please contact a Board member to have them bring it up at the next meeting.”


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Woodcreek Homeowners Association
Agenda for Board Meeting
Online Zoom Meeting


Call to Order:   President, Tom Shay

Attendance/ Directors: ( ) Tom Shay,  ( ) Joyce P. Haag, ( ) Will Ruby,

( ) Mike McArdle , ( ) Chuck Minster, ( ) Bob Gerace ( )Maria Scott,( )Geoff Flynn,  Eileen Broderick, Kenrick

 Welcome Guests:


Reading & Approval of minutes from previous monthly meeting:

  • Approval of November minutes

Secretary’s Report & CommunicationMaria Scott

Roofing Committee:   Joyce Haag, Chair; Emmett Miller, Keith Knight & Bob Gerace

  • Discussion as to whether to consider buying materials now and storing given the marketplace and scarcity of materials. If so, bids would have to be put together and sent out.

 Treasurer’s Report Chuck Minster, Treasurer

 Operations Report:  Geoff Flynn, Chair; Will Ruby, co-chair


 Property Manager’s ReportEileen Broderick

  • 85 CR roof leaks
  • 79 CR business on premises
  • Trees done (planting (3) and trimming in Section I)
  • Concrete work done (sidewalk leveling)
  • Review roof specs, make specific to WC sent to Joyce
  • Contacted Insurance Company for grilling policies
  • Advised Anita of need to: Invest Zion 1 $46,008.28 and Mizuho roofing $72,064 in to a M&T Securities 6-month CD, invest Zion 2 $81,014.58 into a M&T Securities 6-month CD and AAB Money Market $153,603.75 into a M&T Securities 6-month CD.
  • Coordinated with Lumolon for install of new fixtures and numbers on 21 light poles – completed 12/4/2020
  • Coordinated Todd Jones repair of 14 and 20 with HO’s
  • Reviewed Landscaping spread sheet from Mike McArdle and created Bartlett, Romig, HO and misc to do lists see attached

 Variance Committee Report/Requests:  Mike McArdle, Board Liasion; Debbie Bellisario, Mary Ann Keegan, E. Clouser, Emmett Miller, Ursula Miller, J. Frankepohl,


Old Business:


New Business:


Landscape Committee: Bob Gerace, board liaison, Paula Sherwood, Kathy Walsh, Mary Dugan, Carol Ruby)


Action Items:


Executive Session:


Wood Creek Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes are now available exclusively on the Residents Only Page. A login is required to access the Residents page and can be requested through Ginny Quinn.                                                                            


Board of Directors’ Mission Statement

Your Board of Directors is committed to providing the Wood Creek community with the highest quality of
service, so that you receive an outstanding value for your association fees. We will provide attractive and wellmaintained
facilities for all to enjoy and maintain property values to the best of our ability. We will deliver
courteous and professional communications and services to our community and vendors at all times.
This is a model with which we strive to carry out our responsibilities to the community. Below are our guiding

  •  Integrity and honesty are the foundations of our actions.
  • Everyone is to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.
  • We will promote the spirit of open communication and will listen and respond to each homeowner’s request promptly to the very best of our abilities.
  • We encourage feedback and new ideas from homeowners.
  • We will operate efficiently to maintain and increase our property values.
  • We will work to maintain and enhance qualify of life issues in our community that may involve special events, holiday celebrations, etc.
  • Every homeowner is encouraged to attend monthly BOD meetings and will be treated as a special guest at all time.
  • We will benchmark and monitor contracts that require spending of funds to ensure the best quality results for the fairest price, and use accepted business methods to run our association.
  • We must always maintain and demonstrate the highest ethical standards, and always ask ourselves when making decisions; “is this legal and the right thing to do?” There is no goal worth accomplishing if it cannot be accomplished with integrity.
  • There is no excuse for arrogance, and there is never a reason to show disrespect for others. Our tone of voice and body language must begin with decency and fairness. We all must be known for these values.
  • We must confront tough problems, not avoid them and leave them for others. This is never easy, but it’s what conscience demands and what leadership requires. We must keep the long view, and remind ourselves and we’re here to serve long-term interests.
  • We should never take the honor of service for granted. Some of us will serve for a season; others will serve longer. But all of us should dedicate ourselves to serving for the betterment of our community.
  • We should never forget that we’re part of the same team. The owners have high expectations and together we will meet those expectations.
  • We will manage our budget wisely and fairly.
This long term capital plan for WCHOA is the beginning of a planning process which, if continued in the future, will provide great benefit to our community. This iteration of the plan in May 2016 builds on the plans of WCHOA’s prior boards and provides a template for continuation of the planning process by future boards . Especially important is that this plan is accompanied by the board’s approval of a resolution to be presented to WCHOA’s owners for approval at their annual meeting on June 16, 2016. This resolution, if approved, will require future boards of WCHOAto prepare and present to the community annually their revisions to the community’s capital plan, including identification of the capital investments needed in the community and the means such investments will be paid for. This will help to assure that our planning process is continuing and that the capital plans developed in prior years will not be lost and forgotten but rather will live on through this continuous process of planning. This continuity is very important. The members of our board regularly change because of term limits, movement of people into and out of the community and other changes over the years. It is vital that our planning process must continue in this context. Residents may view the document on the Residents Login site from the Documents menu.
BUDGET for 2018-2019
The Board has released the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It is available for residents to review at the Residents Login tab, then the Documents tab. Questions may be directed to Board members.

  • Financial information shared by the board
  • The residents directory (updated periodically)
  • Full board meeting minutes with all attached information
  • The Neighbor to Neighbor communication page where residents can post questions or information of interest to the community

Our site is password protected. However, it is always best to limit the amount of personal information you list on the web to what is necessary, such your first name and either telephone number or email address.


Property Manager at Kenrick Corporation first.  Eileen Broderick, Property Manager, is your point of contact.  She may be reached at:  585-424-1540.
The address is:  3495 Winton Place, Building D, Suite 4, Rochester, NY  14623.

Changes to resident’s name and email – should be sent to Charlene Luffman at cluffman@kenrickfirst.com



Our Wood Creek website (www.woodcreekhoa.org) has a tab titled Residents Login. This password protected part of the site contains important information for our residents about our homeowners association. If you would like to register for access to the Residents Login section of the web site, you may do so by contacting Ginny by email (ginny.quinn5@gmail.com) with your name, address and phone number for verification purposes. Only Wood Creek HOA residents may apply. DIRECTIONS and INFORMATION for Residents to create a login for WordPress If you are new to WordPress and don’t have an ID and password yet: directions to set up a wordpress ID and password If you already have a WordPress account set up but can’t remember your password-You will need to know which email address you used to set the account up. To reset your WordPress password NOTE: If you have a change in your email address and don’t remember your account password, contact Ginny Quinn to have a new account set up. FYIWordPress Privacy Policy