Wood Creek HOA Board and Committees


The Wood Creek Board of Directors consists of 8 Association members who have volunteered their time for the greater good of the Association. Election of Directors is conducted every June at the Association Annual Meeting.

Two (2) or three (3) Directors are elected each year for a 3-year term. The Board of Directors may appoint a resident to fill a Board vacancy between election cycles. Below you will find a listing of the currently elected Board of Directors.


TOM SHAY | President   | tfshay@rochester.rr.com |Term Ends 2021

JOYCE P. HAAG | Vice President/ Secretary |  joyce.p.haag@gmail.com |Term Ends 2021

HOWARD CONE | Treasure and Assistant Director of Operations | cone_hm@yahoo.com | Term Ends 2020

CHUCK MINSTER | Assistant Treasurer | cminster123@gmail.com | Term Ends 2021

WILL RUBY | Director of Operations | willruby.law@gmail.com | Term Ends 2020

BOB GERACE | Director | rgerace1@rochester.rr.com |Term Ends 2022

MIKE McARDLE | Director | mmmcardle44@gmail.com | Term ends 2022

MARIA SCOTT | Director |  mkscott105@gmail.com | Term ends 2020


The following committees are active within your Association.

 Variance CommitteeDeb Bellisario, Mary Ann Keegan

Nominating Committee: Mike McArdle



Landscape Committee: Mike McArdle, Chuck MInster



Social Committee Members are Sandra and Dave Martin, Peg and Tom Glisson, Bobbi and Tom Curran, Maureen Maloney Robb, Ginny Quinn, Judith Maloney, Mary and Emmett Miller, Jo Petcoff, Ursula Miller, Vicki Hoyt, Doreen and Tom Deisenroth.

Welcome Committee: Ginny Quinn, Trish Gerace

Roofing Committee Members: Joyce Haag, Keith Knight, Emmett Miller