Policies and Variance Form

The Policies of the Wood Creek Homeowners’ Association, dated February 14, 2012, contains the everyday rules and regulations of the Association. Each policy decision has been made by the Board of Directors (BOD). You should become familiar with these policies and what they contain.

Very frequently, work that you as a homeowner want to do to improve or change the exterior appearance of your unit, requires a variance. The policy will state whether a variance is required, as well as outlining the specifics of what is allowed.

The 2-page Variance Request Form is included here. The form must be signed by any neighbors that might be affected by your desired change or improvement. Variance forms must be received in the Property Management office 10 calendar days before the next scheduled BOD meeting at which the BOD will consider the homeowner’s request. Neither BOD members nor Association contractors may accept variances from homeowners.

If you have questions concerning the policies and/or variance process, please call the Property Management office at 585-248-3840.

Wood Creek HOA Variance Request Form-rev. 8-2017

WCHOA Revised Emergency Generators Policy – Rev 1/19/2014

Policies of Special Interest to Wood Creek HOA Homeowners, April 7, 2014

Governmental Process Policies of Wood Creek HOA, April 2016